SANS is working towards getting sexworkers the same human rights as the rest of society, and not be subjected to discrimination, oppression or stigmatisation. SANS counteracts the stereotypical and bias image that exists about the sale of sexual services.

We want a more sensible policy and legislation concerning the selling and buying of sexual services, a decriminalisation that means that the legislation surrounding sex for pay between consenting adults is removed. As a result of a policy change, sexworkers could then start to be protected for real by the existing laws, for example rape, sexual abuse, eg. trafficking

We are not working for the customers should have a right to buy sexual services, there is no such right, and one shouldn’t exist. It’s always the seller that has the right to refuse a business transaction, which he/she can do at any time without having to give a reason or explanation.

The network consists of a mixed group of members, but you do not have to be a sexworker or a client, or personally defend prostitution in a society to become a member.

What is important is that you want all human beings to have human rights and that you stand up for a more humane and pragmatic policy towards the sale of sexual services.

We see it as an advantage to bring in different opinions from as many diverse viewpoints as possible. But because sexworkers are exposed to oppression and harassment from government and private individuals, this is a closed network since we feel the participating sexworkers need to feel safe in the discussions. To become a member you therefore have to:

  • be knowledgeable about the questions surrounding the sale of sexual services
  • stand up for human rights and better working conditions for sexworkers
  • fulfil the above statements and in addition have documented this and/or be known by other members of the group.

Does this description fit you?

Then SANS is the network for you.